Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Wellington City

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Wellington team

You'll have no trouble finding Fine Dining in Wellington. Investigate the waterfront, or pop into one of the many 5 star hotels, for a meal you'll never forget. Location is everything, so the best places might not necessarily be in the CBD.

Wellington Fine Dining is a competitive industry. The local food scene gives out awards on a seemingly weekly basis, so expect to find restaurants battling each other to get you through the door. Cuba Street and Courtenay Place are teeming with great restaurants, but you might have to look hard to find the creme de la creme of Wellington dining here. If money is no object, head to the northern end of The Terrace, around Featherston Street and Grey Street, towards Jervois Quay. There are three or four very special places here. Also, try exploring the high end hotels, most of which have exclusive, and expensive, in-house restaurants with celebrity chefs slaving away in the kitchens.