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Being the nation's capital, Services in Wellington are comprehensive and well thought out. Whether you're after legal advice, property information, or you just want to hold a special event here, the infrastructure is sound.

Wellington Services include everything from real estate, legal services, recruitment, weddings and special events hosting. It's a very attractive city, perhaps not as edgy as its rebellious sibling, Auckland, but it's just as cosmopolitan. The expanding film industry (known as 'Wellywood'), makes it an attractive destination for investment, and more and more people are buying up second homes, or choosing Wellington as the place to have that special party or event. And because it's a relatively compact city, it's very easy to find your way about and get to know the place quickly. The harbour, hills, bustling dining and entertainment scene, and its location at New Zealand's heart, make Wellington one of the southern hemisphere's most liveable cities.

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