Wellington Climate

Known as ‘Windy Wellington, the capital city is pretty windy all year, with the southerly winds making it feel much colder in the winter months. Wellington’s climate is a temperate marine one with modest temperatures throughout the year.

The city does receive more sunshine with over 2000 hours a year. Beyond the city, the Hutt Valley experiences cooler winters and warmer summers with less windy conditions. The Kapiti Coast receives less rainfall, enjoys warmer conditions and again is less windy. The Wairarapa region enjoys hotter and drier weather.

Summer: December - February

The summer months usually mean an average temperature of 20°C and plenty of sunshine. It rarely rises above 25°C, creating pleasant conditions to explore the city.

Autumn: March - May

The autumn months bring cooler daytime temperatures but still average between 17°C and 22°C. Rainfall is more frequent, so keep an umbrella handy!

Winter: June - August

The winter months see temperatures drop to an average of 12°C. The winds become stronger and rainfall is more frequent. A strong umbrella is a must!

Spring: September - November

The months of spring see the temperature pick up to between 13.5°C and 16.5°C, making it a great time to visit.